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sp predictable un hun !!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Happy ..

and the reason is so so so so so so so so so obvious

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VOice chat trouble

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i am home alone for 6 hours today and as i have nothing to eat ( lame reason actually i have started thinking about my health ) so i have been drinking loads of water ...

the most imp question of the evening

what do i do when i am home alone ??

i chat :)) and eat and sleep and call all my friends

so i was chatting to a good friend of mine and asked her if we can have a VC .. and she agreed ( i was like am i dreaming.. but no i was not )

okk then i call her and she's shouting hello komikoo and i shout back on top of my lungs :)) .. and she's like komikoo i cant hear you

here's the convo

sam:-helllo komikoo
komal:-heeeeeeeeeey sammi mitchy bitch
sam:-say something
komal:-wtf stop lying

and then i realised i wasnt using the mic .. and then i started looking for the mic well then i realised one thing again " okk i broke the mic one month back when i was mad at someone and threw it in the been "

seriously i had been acting drunk
i think i should get the water in my locality checked

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ho ho !1

yay !! so finally christmas is over and i got my pics clicked as SANTA TOO .. haha .. but one thing i kept carving for was a cake yeah a CAKE ..

i asked my mom to the market and get the cake.. she went to the market and returned empty handed . when i asked mom whats wrong .. she said " beti !! all the cakes had rum in them and i cant give alcohol to my daughters "

me:- wth mom i am legal
mom :- ur sis is not
me :- so i wont give the cake to her
mom :- u selfish creature .. u never think about ur sis .. and even ur not allowed to drink

and then the princess ( komal ) returns to her kingdom without the prince

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finally !!

oook finally after so much trouble my house is finally arranged and the furnitures have been place :D.

that's my fav corner in the living room ^-^

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hardcore ryanite

Sunday, December 10, 2006

been missing my schoool a lot ..

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power cut pizza

mmmm when i had din kee roti and thandi sabzi ( roti is made of wheat and vegetables ) i felt like having a pizza .. eee!! i really wanted to have that so i went to the market and got all the stuffs to cook it .. well since i didn't have money to order it from pizza hut or any other place .. and yeah i didn't wanna have an American pizza for sure :| ..

oh then i grate the cheese, bring the chicken, cut the chillies , boil the potatoes .. and the pizza is ready to cook .. its 5:30 pm .. yummy i cant wait now .. hmm then i switch on the microwave and pffft then there is power cut !! dude !! i kept waiting kept waiting and wooosh !! the electricity was back at 9:30 8-| ... god ! why do u make me suffer so much :(( ..

and the very same day i read in the newspaper that HARYANA GOVERNMENT is making some changes in the power supply .. they're gonna supply more power to the villages now and less to the cities cos we have so many options . such as generators and inverters ,, pffft .. but inverter doesnt work when we have power cut for 11 hours .. :((

and when i was wrting this post we had a powercut again and i had to start writing again when the electricity was back ,,

such a shame HARYANA government is putting me on :))

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good morning

Saturday, December 09, 2006

hmm i was dreaming dunno what but i was dreaming something .. and then i heard my sister shouting " AB TOH UTH JAA SAAT BAJ GAYE " (its 7 o clock wake up now ) !! and i woke up and i just had a t shirt and my half pants on though its winter but still i wasn't feeling cold... ohh but when i woke up ! dude it was so cold .. my whole body freezed .. mmm i was literally numb .. but i still got down to go to the LOO and i couldnt find my slippers ( god why always me ) and i was running around the house looking for slippers eeeikkss ..... i am still so sleepy but my hands are numb and is my bum cos the chair on which i am sitting is freaking cold ...

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revenge of the slith

well after a being a victim of big confusion .. i thought i should also have my revenge ;)

My sister ( a retard ) downloaded all the songs from the movie Don and next day when she opened the computer they were not there .. lmfao ... i was so happy .. and then she got pissed and blamed me for it . .. well I am always blamed for whatever happens .. so i just left .. and after 10 minutes my sister calls me in her room and tells me that she deleted all the songs from my computer .. and i was like haaw!! you bitch . and she was like ^-^ i am so sorry i was pissed off .. please don't tell mom

huh !! why would i tell mom you loser !! i am gonna rock you now !! .. so what I did was I deleted all the pics of nadal from computer and her orkut account and destroyed her hi5.. and returned all the channels on tv ,, muahahahaha

okk my revenge is still going on !!

any suggestions what i should do next :P

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my fav songs

Thursday, November 30, 2006

okk these are my current favorite songs

Yellow :- Coldplay
Diary of jane :- Breaking Benjamin
Chasing cars :- Snow patrol
Roxanne :- The Police
Hush :- Deep Purple

i dont like Metal stuff much .. but these are my current fav .. :D , which ones are yours

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Internet Intrusion

Thursday, November 23, 2006

well since i am in the final year of my school .. my mom keeps me uee hee!! i only know what all i have to go through !!! .. see that wire hanging there from the modem lol ..i have to connect it to my mom's room cos i dont have a point in my room . and whenever mom gets angry .. she takes out the wire from her room ,..

that sucks :| .. but my mom is really smart to hav e given me this room ,.. right at the end of the house

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

finally my blog is done .. after putting like thousands of layout and seeking help from everyone !!

its done now .. and yes i am proud to say that i took no help this final time ..
so tell me how do u like it

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